Prayer Journey

JULY 16 2016

Prayer Journey Mobilization Event for MoveIn


On  July 16, 2016 we had 283 Prayer Journeyers who walked, ran, and cycled through the world's forgotten neighbourhoods to pray in 20 different locations across 7 countries.

Thank you to the many Prayer Journeyers, sponsors, and supporters for your participation!

Plan to join us for the Prayer Journey next year, or in the meantime connect with us at

Led by the MoveIn Vision Team, the global multi-site Prayer Journey event raises prayer, vision, and funds for the unreached, urban poor. We will pray for specific needs in each neighbourhood and raise up awareness of hard issues, spread the vision of MoveIn in new regions (click here to read the vision), and raise up funds for this cause.

Here is a list of our 2016 Prayer Journey locations. Stay tuned later this year for 2017 locations.