Prayer Journey

JUNE 23 2018

Prayer Journey Mobilization Event for MoveIn

About the Prayer Journey

We will walk, run and cycle. And as we go, we will pray.

We will pray for God to “raise up workers” (Matt. 9:38) for the unreached, urban poor globally. Specifically, we will pray for teams of regular people to move in where—now—there are none.

In addition to areas where—as a movement—we are already moved in, prayer journeys will be hosted in new cities—from Hamilton, Ontario to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Some prayer journeys will travel through high-needs apartment complexes. Others will weave their way through developing-world slums. Still others may find themselves winding through shanty towns, squatter settlements, refugee camps, trailer parks, or favelas.

As we make our way through streets and paths, we will pray for the people we see. We will pray for the buildings—from shacks to towers—and the pain, joy, shattered dreams and still-flickering hopes inside. We will pray—reaching into the communities—for the cities and nations beyond them. 

And we will pray for the Church to move in. To imitate the One who came “to preach good news to the poor”; who “became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood.” (Eph. 5:1; Isa. 61:1; Luke 4:18; John 1:14)

We will go. And like Joshua and Caleb—although we are few in number, and despite the challenge; but with faith—will begin with a journey. Two thousand years later, we follow—unqualified, but with the same God—in their prayerful footsteps.


Join us as we look to God for the release of prayer, vision, action and finance for the world’s bottom billion. 

On June 17th, 2017, join us for the Prayer Journey. Where will yours be?

The Prayer Journey is a global event led by the MoveIn Vision Team, a registered Canadian charity based in Toronto, Ontario. Our team works to spread the MoveIn Vision globally, to advocate for the marginalized, and to support a growing movement of Christians choosing to intentionally live among the urban, unreached poor.

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