Prayer Journey

JUNE 23 2018

Prayer Journey Mobilization Event for MoveIn

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who leads the Prayer Journey?

Members of the MoveIn Vision Team as well as passionate volunteers will be leading the Prayer Journey in each region.

+ What is the purpose of the Prayer Journey?

We started the Prayer Journey in 2015 because we desire to see new praying MoveIn teams form within unreached, urban poor patches of our cities. The Prayer Journey will raise awareness, prayer, and funds to advance this global vision.

+ Who walks/runs/cycles in the Prayer Journey?

Our teams, their friends, churches who are invested in high-needs communities, and others who are excited to pray for God to form teams in their region.

+ Will the Prayer Journey have a positive impact on my region?

Yes. As people walk through patches that don't yet have a team praying for that neighbourhood, we believe that God will work in a powerful way. In this sense, the Prayer Journey will be a catalyst for teams to form in new patches within your region. In addition, some of the support raised for the Global Vision Fund will be given to regions who host a Prayer Journey, so that they can develop a new neighbour-focused event later on in the year, for all local teams and their neighbours.

+ Are you only doing Prayer Journeys where this movement already is present?

The Prayer Journey is dedicated to communities that are in need of Christian presence - both in regions where teams exist and in totally new places. We can't wait to see where the Prayer Journey happens in coming years.

+ Where do the funds raised through the Prayer Journey go?

Funds go towards our Global Vision Fund which is then used to start new teams of Christians in unreached, urban poor contexts around the globe. The funds will be directed towards exciting events in the region of that Prayer Journey, and also to global growth of the movement.

+ What can I do if I’m not a runner/cyclist?

The Prayer Journey is for anyone who is mobile and able to complete a 10km walk! We invite all ages and families to take on this challenge to not only walk or run, but also to go through neighbourhoods you might not normally visit and pray for them.

+ When and where will the next Prayer Journey be?

Every year the locations and routes will look different as we only run through neighbourhoods that do not yet have existing teams of intentional, praying Christians. Our hope is that the neighbourhoods we walk/run through in past years, will be filled with teams, so we will then move on to new locations. We are also continuing to build a list of international (non-North American) opportunities. Stay tuned, or contact us for details.

+ Do I get a tax receipt?

Yes! For all sponsorships over $15 we will issue a Canadian tax-deductible donation receipt. Click here for more about our giving policies. Sorry we cannot issue tax-deductible receipts in other countries

+ How can I be involved with this movement after I’m done the Prayer Journey?

Would you consider the amazing opportunity to move into one of these difficult neighbourhoods, to be God’s salt and light in a dry and difficult place? There are ways you can be connected to existing teams in your region, depending on the region, they are likely in need of specific prayer support, resources, funds, volunteer help, and more! Read about MoveIn on our website at