Prayer Journey

JUNE 23 2018

Prayer Journey Mobilization Event for MoveIn

100km gta bike trip

Route: 100km Cycle
Patches: Teesdale, Crescent Town, Lumsden, Woodbine, Blake Street,
Oak Street, Regent Park, Parkdale, Camilla Road, Sherobee Road, Hurontario
Paisley Blvd, Roche Court, Surrey Lane, Market Street
Time: 8am
Starting Point: 10 Teesdale Place, Scarborough
End Point: Market Street Patch, Hamilton
Leader: Jessie Paul


Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, the starting ground of the MoveIn movement, still has many unreached, urban poor neighbourhoods that don’t yet have a team of regular Christians praying and living for Christ. Join us in praying for the city and for the Church to be more present among the poor.

The Golden Horseshoe, the area around the western end of Lake Ontario, has 8.8 million residents, makes up 26% of Canada’s population, and is one of the largest urban areas in North America.

Our cycling trip will begin in Scarborough and culminate in Hamilton, another city that has many MoveIn teams and is continuing to mobilize for new vacant patches. 

We will be praying in faith for the Church in this region to be a sending power of MoveIners to the bottom-billion: to the slums of the most unreached nations of our world.

This won’t be a race! We will start early in the morning to avoid the heat, and take lots of breaks for water and for prayer.

Tune up your bike and start peddling this spring to prepare for this 100km Prayer Journey. Keep in mind that this is a physically strenuous trip and will require training. 

The Prayer Journey is an event from the MoveIn Vision Team, a registered Canadian Charity

Canadian Revenue Agency Registration No. 807015573RR0001

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