Prayer Journey

JUNE 23 2018

Prayer Journey Mobilization Event for MoveIn


Route: 6km walk
MoveIn Patches: Brookhaven
Time: 10am
Starting Point: TBA
Leader:  Jemcah Shantz


Brookhaven is the newest identified patch in North York and, now that it’s on the radar, we pray God will send people to form a team! In the patch are some Toronto community housing buildings as well as low-income and co-op (mixed market-rent and subsidized) buildings. Come join us as we pray for God to fill those buildings with people who love Him and are willing to share that love with their neighbours. We will pass by key community spots like an Islamic centre, grocery stores, plazas, social service offices, police station, food bank, methadone clinic, etc. which give us a glimpse into the needs and rhythms of the neighbourhood as we pray for God’s presence and joy to be known there. Join us in our prayer for the multiple schools in the area and all the children and families that are connected there, that God would build up a generation of faith-filled believers and healthy families.

The Prayer Journey is an event from the MoveIn Vision Team, a registered Canadian Charity

Canadian Revenue Agency Registration No. 807015573RR0001

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