Prayer Journey

JUNE 23 2018

Prayer Journey Mobilization Event for MoveIn



This year we are excited to announce the opportunity to fundraise towards specific projects that will forward MoveIn's work of raising thousands of Christians to prayerfully move in among the unreached, urban poor.

Please consider these projects as you either (1) register to participate in the Prayer Journey and raise funds for a specific project, or (2) sponsor a friend who is participating in the Prayer Journey.

Your donation/sponsorship will be designated towards the project that the participant has chosen to raise for, unless you comment otherwise.


MoveIn Project List

Where Needed Most

As this movement grows and takes root in new regions, the MoveIn Vision Team is working to spread the vision, gain understanding, start new teams, and support the movement. This includes practically sharing the vision (to see thousands of regular Christians, prayerfully moving in among the unreached urban poor) in new contexts; doing research and finding new 'patches'; mobilizing and facilitating the genesis of new MoveIn teams into these patches, and giving tangible support to these teams as they grow and flourish in their ministry. To read more about the work of the MoveIn Vision Team and their global work, visit

Your support towards ‘Where Needed Most’ will enable us to be more effective in resourcing and equipping current teams, to share the vision among the church in new regions, and to send more teams globally plus mobilize local believers to move in among their own urban, unreached poor.

Nigel & Jessie's $10K Goal|  Fundraising Goal: $10,000

MoveIn Founder and Director Nigel Paul and wife Jessie Paul will be raising $10,000 that will go towards this year's Prayer Journey projects, including Equipping MoveIners for Disciple-Making, Support for Amazing Staff, and Where Needed Most.

Support for Amazing Staff  |  Fundraising Goal: $5,000

Led by MoveIn Director and Founder Nigel Paul and his wife Jessie, this project will help MoveIn Vision Team staff who are under supported. We consider all of our staff to be amazing and in the support raising model some staff are better supported than others. We are excited for this project to give a boost to those who need it. 

Southeast Asia MoveIn Gathering  |  Fundraising Goal: $6,300

In October 2017, MoveIners, potential MoveIners, and supporters of MoveIn from the Philippines, Indonesia, and India will gather together for one weekend in Metro Manila.  We will eat together, listen to a guest speaker(s), share prayer requests, hold workshops/seminars for ministry strategy and team dynamics, and enjoy one another’s company.

Our goal is for this event is to encourage, connect and equip MoveIn teams, as well as mobilize local workers for the harvest by casting the vision for individuals, and encouraging a commitment to pray regularly for the unreached urban poor as part of emerging teams that will eventually MoveIn.

MoveIner Training on Trauma Care  |  Fundraising Goal: $4,500

Poverty and trauma go hand in hand. Many times MoveIners living in their communities feel overwhelmed and unqualified to provide support to their neighbours who experienced acute suffering.

This project will help 20 MoveIners receive valuable training to be equipped to bring healing to the wounds of trauma in their urban poor communities. This will be built on a weeklong training program offered by The American Bible Society using the book Healing the Wounds of Trauma.

Project Leader: K.I.

Thailand Mobilization  |  Fundraising Goal: $5,500

As the MoveIn movement grows in Southeast Asia through our current teams in Indonesia and the Philippines, we continue to look for surrounding nations and people groups where the MoveIn vision is much needed.

This project will fund a vision trip to Thailand for one MoveIn Vision Team member and family who will profile unreached, urban poor neighbourhoods, meet with key ministries, and cast vision for the future of MoveIn in the region.

Project Leader: Mike F.

Vietnam Mobilization  |  Fundraising Goal: $4,500

As the MoveIn movement grows in Southeast Asia through our current teams in Indonesia and the Philippines, we continue to look for surrounding nations and people groups where the MoveIn vision is much needed.

Our heart is to see a MoveIn team start up among the unreached poor in cities in Vietnam. Vietnam still has many unreached people groups and we believe God is calling people to share the Gospel and be a Christ presence there.

This project will fund a vision trip for a MoveIn Vision Team member, along with a group of Vietnamese young adults from Canada, to travel to Vietnam in summer 2018 to pray through unreached slum communities and cast vision for MoveIn. As they pray and seek the Lord, we expect He will call some to move into these communities and to be salt and light to those within.

Project Leader: Sheryce N.

South Asia Mobilization  |  Fundraising Goal: $3,300

This project will fund a vision trip for two MoveIn Vision Team members to travel to speak at a key mobilization event in South Asia, share the vision with key ministry partners, continue research in the region, and help prospective teams take next steps to move in among the unreached, urban poor.

Project Leader: Sam K.

Equipping MoveIners for Disciple-Making | Fundraising Goal: $1,100

Our 70+ MoveIn teams are well poised for making disciples among some of the most unreached people of our world. We want to ensure that we make the most of this opportunity by giving these teams practical training on how to effectively disciple neighbours, especially with the goal of multiplication (neighbours discipling neighbours).

Funding for this project will provide accessible and meaningful online, print, and event-based training resources for MoveIn teams.

Project Leader: Jacob C.

Mobilizing La Francophonie  |  Fundraising Goal: $2,200

The French speaking world, La Francophonie, has a language advantage in going to the unreached urban poor in West Africa and other French speaking parts of the world. This year we are raising funds to help mobilize the French speaking church, especially in France and West Africa, to move in amongst the unreached, urban poor in their own countries or in other French speaking countries around the world.

Project Leader: J.S.

Caring for Carers  |  Fundraising Goal: $5,250

MoveIners are givers. Be part of giving back to them so they can continue to do life in their neighbourhoods. A passionate MoveIn Vision Team member is developing a new project to visit, encourage, and support MoveIn teams internationally.

Help the vision of MoveIn continue to spread by sustaining the personal vision and joy of each MoveIner. 

Project Leader: Martha M.

European MoveIn Conference  |  Fundraising Goal: $2,000

It has been a privilege to watch the MoveIn movement spread in Europe over the past eight years to England, Germany and Sweden. One challenge has been keeping the European teams in touch with each other and the rest of the movement, globally. The annual Canadian conference is just too far for most of them to come and too expensive to fly to.  

The European MoveIners have long been asking for their own European MoveIn conference and we'd like to finally give them one in 2018.

This project will fund this event, including travel and accommodation for European MoveIners to make it possible for them to attend with their families. Also honorariums for speakers, promotional materials, facility rental, food and more. The planned date is Spring 2018. 

Help us invest in MoveIn Europe. 

Project Leader: Rachel D.