Prayer Journey

JUNE 23 2018

Prayer Journey Mobilization Event for MoveIn


Route: 6km walk
MoveIn Patches: Malvern
Time: 9am
Starting Point: Church of the Nativity
Leader: Sheryce Nyugen


Scarborough so often has areas with bad reputations that are so often misunderstood. Malvern is one of those areas, and we are so excited to pray through this community! As we pray and walk, we will be passing by a women's shelter, various churches, religious buildings, and community housing buildings. This is a neighbourhood known for crime and drugs. Out of ranking of 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto, this community is ranked 132 - making it the eighth "worst" neighbourhood to live in. We believe this isn't the truth, and there is so much more here!  70% of those living in the Malvern area are families - this community has the highest concentration of young people in Canada! There are over 60 cultures present in this community, including people from Caribbean Islands, and from South East Asia.Come, pray with us and experience the life and beauty of this community. 

The Prayer Journey is an event from the MoveIn Vision Team, a registered Canadian Charity

Canadian Revenue Agency Registration No. 807015573RR0001

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